Visie G’s

Ola chicassss,

A nieuw year stands voor de door. This jaar we are gaan a lot of fun hebben.

“The Outer Banks, paradise on Earth. It’s the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses. Two tribes, one island.”

Zondag 26 september 2021 | 09u00-16u30 | Sint-Michielscollege

Finally, na een summer full of surfen en doing niks, the overgang is there!!!!! Be there or be square.

“Definitely the weirdest summer of my life. But that wasn’t the end. That was only the beginning.”

Zondag 3 oktober 2021 | 10u00-12u30 | Sint-Michielscollege

Today is een suprise.

Zondag 10 oktober 2021 | 10u00-12u30 | Sint-Michielscollege

It is legging tijd!!!!

“Didn’t you ever play baseball?!”

“I was on the math team!”

Zondag 17 oktober 2021 | 10u00-17u00 | Sint-Michielscollege

Vandaag, are wij going to hunt on mensen in NYC. You do niet know niks of the city. Wij know that het daar very duur is. But “don’t worry, we will Sugar Mama you.”

Zaterdag 23 oktober 2021 | Kasteel Nieuwithof

This is a heel belangrijke evening. It is BAL TIME!!!!!! Take your mooiste baljurk and let de beentjes swing!! “Woogity Woogity Woogity!”

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Zondag 31 oktober 2021 | …

Sorry chicas but vandaag is er not an vergadering. The old Pogues zijn on a surftrip, but do niet cry. “It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.”

Zondag 7 november 2021 | 10u00-12u30 | Sint-Michielscollege

Are jullie slim or very stupid? We are gaan erachter komen. “Everything’s just one time.”

Zondag 14 november 2021 | 10u00-12u30 | Sint-Michielscollege

“We only have one Earth, Pope. We should be giving it 100 percent, bare minimum.”

Zondag 21 november 2021 | 10u00-17u00 | Sint-Michielscollege

It is tijd to see your kookkunsten. We are gaan veel eating somewhere so dat we kunnen zeggen on the end of de dag: “I look like a bourgeoisie pig.”

Zondag 28 november 2021 | 10u00-12u30 | Sint-Michielscollege

“Wait, you guys, we’re gonna be rich! Full Kook, full Kook, full Kook!”

Zondag 5 december 2021 | 10u00 -12u30 | Sint-Michielscollege

Almost examens… we need to studeren the hele voormiddag!!!! But samen it is heel fun. We are gaan hard best doen, otherwijs: “Mama’s mad.”

Vrijdag 10 december 2021 | 19u00-…

“He’s got the survival instincts of a cockroach.”

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Zaterdag 18 december 2021| 20u00-…

Something met Jezus and his geboorte. “Humans are the only animals that can’t tell fantasy from reality.”

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